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Sexuality – God’s Plan

CoupleOn September 12th and 13th, Our Redeemer hosted Session Seven of the Family Friendly Partners Network training on the subject of Human Sexuality. The discussion during the two day session centered on maintaining a ministry committed to shaping the hearts and minds of our children on the topic. Needless to say, this area of focus was one of the most sensitive covered to date. Our children and society as a whole have become so numb to the influences around us, that God’s intended purpose of human sexuality is being forgotten. It has become all too common to succumb to the influences of this world rather than to create an atmosphere within the home that reflects, teaches and lives God’s will for his gift of sexuality. Our partner churches spent time discussing ways to confront the influences of social media, the history of sex education in America, and exploring the role of the church across the lifespan.

Understanding the sensitivity of the subject, it quickly became apparent what a valuable resource we have in Karen Prochazka. As many know, Karen has provided information and guidance to the seventh and eighth grade confirmation classes for many years. Emphasis is placed on God’s view of human sexuality and the importance of remaining sexually pure outside of marriage. Too easily can something that God intended to bring his people joy result in causing harm. While many of our partner churches strive to gain awareness within their congregations, Our Redeemer identified the need many years ago.

Additional resources on the topic of human sexuality will be made available in the church library. Watch for more information on coming classes designed to help raise awareness of the real health and other problems rampant in our culture today due to the misuse of this gift, and what parents can do to help their children to understand God's gift of sexuality and sexual purity.  Those wishing to discuss the topic in confidence are encouraged to contact Karen Prochazka, or to speak with one of the pastors.

Ron Olesinski