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Married Life



Marriage Encounter is an experience designed to help married couples communicate more intimately with one another in order to deepen their relationship. Most take place in hotels from Friday evening through late Sunday afternoon - a "Weekend" - but other formats are possible.  Marriage Encounter is orderly, informative, and structured. Couples are given an opportunity to look into themselves and their relationships in a safe and distraction-free atmosphere.

Young, old, newly married or “veteran” couples, this is for you because:

  • IT PREPARES you for a great marriage; don’t settle for just a “good” one.

  • It TEACHES LISTENING SKILLS– learn them soon, before too many hurts happen.

  • It reminds us that LOVE is a verb, not just an emotion.

  • PREPARATION is better than REPARATION! Don’t get caught up in "issues."

  • Learn how to express your needs in a healthy way.


  • private (you listen to presentations as a group, but you discuss things in private!)

  • personal (you are unique and will draw from the modeled communication skills what fits your needs best)

  • practical (you practice the skills immediately, after each presentation – not just theory!)

  • pleasing to God (God created marriage and has a plan for you – make your relationship one that honors Him)


  • What makes Lutheran Marriage Encounter "Lutheran" - while the umbrella organization WWME is Roman Catholic, WWME licenses a variety of faith expressions to provide a Marriage Encounter.  Lutheran Weekends are led by couples and clergy who are members of various synods of the Lutheran Church.

  • What makes a Marriage Encounter "better" than other enrichments or programs? - we believe that every activity that draws a couple closer to each other and to God is helpful, but millions of people for 40 years have said say that M.E. provides a much deeper experience for couples ready to grow their relationship to the next level. M.E. also believes in offering a variety of events to bless marriages, which are often open to all.

  • Do I really have to attend an entire weekend-long thing? - we guess that's what accomplishes the depth of blessing - you get out of things what you put into them, and M.E. is about practicing what you hear in the conference room right there and then in the privacy of your own space.  As one presentation flows into, and builds onto, its neighbors, it is essential to attend them all.

  • Do I have to participate in worship? - a worship service ends the experience, with a few wonderful surprises.  Communion may or may not be offered; it is not mandatory.

  • What is the cost? - No couple is prevented from attending due to need, scholarships are available, and a recommended donation covers the program itself, a share of presenters' expenses, and usually accommodation for 2 nights and 5 meals.

Find out more about any of the Weekends sponsored by Lutheran Marriage Encounter at their web site: